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This category of affordable manufactured aircraft is revolutionizing general aviation. These new aircraft, which commonly cost between $49,995 and $125,000, are making entry-level aviation affordable. This, along with the fact that you can become a licensed Sport Pilot for less than $5,000, has made aviation practical again. Here's your chance to learn more about these aircraft. For information on each, please click on the box next to each aircraft manufacturer.

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Cub Crafters, Inc.
Evektor Aircraft USA
Company founded in 1971. Durable metal construction. Over 900 flying worldwide. Train Sport, Private, Instrument in one aircraft. Taking Night VFR and IFR aircraft orders now.
Flight Design USA
The leader in light sport safety, performance and comfort.
Gobosh Aviation
INDUS Aviation
Fun Size! From the 1946 Certified Thorp T211: the Thorpedo is very rugged, simple, dependable and predictable. 85 hp miser, 120 hp rocket, and 100 hp diesel. Designed & Built in America.
Remos Aircraft
Find out about the all new Remos GX. Built on the heritage of the successful G-3, the GX continues Remos' commitment to superior engineering and high end production.
Tecnam Aircraft
Experience passion for flight. Experience Tecnam.
The X-Air LS defines what the Light Sport was meant to be - FUN and AFFORDABLE! Prices at an affordable fly-away price of $59,995 with engine monitor, radio and VFR instruments
Zenith Aircraft Co.

Having all the facts before buying is important. For more information about the various aircraft on the market, please check the box next to each aircraft manufacturer.

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Aviat Aircraft
Cessna Aircraft
Cirrus Design
Diamond Aircraft
Diamond Aircraft is the leading manufacturer of a complete line of safe, modern flight training and personal aircraft. From the DA20 to the D-JET there's a Diamond that's perfect for your mission.
Industry leader Lancair offers the best in high performance owner-built aircraft. Led by the new Evolution, Lancairs are known for being fast and comfortable, always offering the latest in design, construction techniques, the latest avionics, and of course, speed. Lancair now offers two models, the high performance two place Legacy, and the flagship four place Turboprop Evolution, which is also available with the latest in piston engine technology.
Liberty Aerospace
Now is the time to own the fastest, single-engine piston airplane. Mooney is offering generous incentives, low interest rates, outstanding warranty and immediate delivery.
Pilatus Business Aircraft
Piper FLY WISE. 9 exciting models. 90 sales and service centers worldwide. 70 years of personal involvement in your Piper aircraft ownership experience.

Plane & Pilot Resources
For exciting articles and more resources visit Plane & Pilot Magazine and Pilot Journal Magazine online at

If you're interested in buying a plane you may also want to know more about aircraft financing and insurance plans. Please check the box next to each finance & insurance provider to contact the them for more information.

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Dorr Aviation Credit Corp.
Dorr Aviation is The Trusted Name in Aircraft Financing. We offer low rates for new & used airplane purchases.
Pilot Insurance Center
Low Cost Life Insurance for Pilots with No Aviation Exclusions.

Most new aircraft come with the latest in Glass Panel avionics and you probably want to know more about the choices. If you're looking at used aircraft maybe you want to know what new retrofitable or portable equipment is available. Here's your chance to learn more.

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Bendix/King by Honeywell
Bendix/King by Honeywell is committed to the creation of durable, reliable, intuitive avionics for the general aviation pilot. When you choose to fly with Bendix/King you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future.
Dynon Avionics
Dynon Avionics is the leader in Glass Panel Avionics for Light Sport Aircraft
L-3 Avionics
L-3 Avionics helps you fly safer and smarter with industry leading avionics technology.

Here's a list of products and services you may want to know about as a new pilot. Please check the box next to each company to contact them for more information about their products or services.

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Anywhere Map
Electronics International
Jeppesen VFR GPS
New VFR+GPS Charts for North America offer a fresh perspective on what a VFR chart should be with better use of color and contrast, coverage areas based on where you fly, and intuitive symbols for easier interpretation. Space Shuttle radar data was used to accurately depict terrain in a way that has never been done for a VFR chart. Best of all, our VFR+GPS charts are easier to use and they're designed specifically to help you get more from your GPS.
LightSPEED Aviation
Lycoming Engines
Lycoming produces the most complete line of horizontally opposed, air-cooled four-, six- and eight-cylinder certified aircraft engines available, with power ranging from 100 to 400 HP. For homebuilders, air race and aerobatic pilots, and others looking for non-certified engines with Lycoming dependability, Lycoming offers custom-built Thunderbolt Engines. Lycoming piston engines have a reputation for reaching or exceed TBO. For more information, please visit
Sporty's Pilot Shop
Lowest prices guaranteed. Online & DVD training courses. Same day shipping.
Teledyne Continental Motors
Seven of today's fastest production airplanes fly behind a TCM engine. Find out why you your airplane should have a Continental engine up front.
XM WX Satellite Weather has quickly become the leading way to fly for pilots across the country. And now with Aviator Pro, the brand new weather data package from XM WX, pilots have an even better reason to fly with the datalink weather leader — inflight and every flight. Learn more about our data packages, pricing, partners and compatible hardware solutions. Click here to request a free brochure from XM WX Satellite Weather.

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